Can Local Governments Purchase and Sell Land and Improvements Without Restriction?

The general rule with regard to local governments is that they do not have the power to do anything except that which they are authorized to do through legislation. There is a vast array of legislation that apply to local governments but the three primary pieces of legislation are the Community Charter [SBC 2003] Ch. 26 (the “Charter”), the Local Government Act [RSBC 2015] Ch.1 (the “LGA”) and the Vancouver Charter [SBC 1953] Ch. 55 (the “Vancouver Charter”).  A review of these pieces of legislation provides an outline of the ability of local government to acquire and dispose of real property and the process involved. Continue reading “Can Local Governments Purchase and Sell Land and Improvements Without Restriction?”


When Chattels Become Part of the Real Property

In the sale of real property and in landlord and tenant arrangements, it is quite common for questions to arise over the ownership of buildings, structures and other items that are on the land at the time of sale or at the end of a tenancy. The question revolves around whether a particular thing is a chattel or has become part of the real property.

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